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Tempest Sundance
Poppy Field, Large.jpg

Residing on her family farm on the West Pennine moors, Karen is a passionate horse breeder and owner which has given her an intrinsic love of the natural world and is embodied through her artwork. Karen loves painting the exuberant nature of horses with their boundless energy and aims to capture their sensitive nature and temperament. The prefix of her own stud is "Tempest", hence you will notice all of her horse artworks are named likewise.

Having worked as a textile specialist, she has a keen eye for aesthetics and colour, and many of her works exhibit several decorative effects, which can be appreciated in the original artwork and in high quality beautiful prints. This is attained by using Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolours including PrimaTek and  Luminescent paints and pigments.

Her influences are wide ranging and encompass the great artists such as Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh to contemporary artists such as Alvaro Castagnet and Jean Haines, with a keen interest in prehistoric art inspired by a visit to caves in France many years ago. 

Her artwork is expressive and evokes passion, movement & colour through her subjects, whether they are horses, dancers or musicians.

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